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Posted on 1/10/09 by Felix Geisendörfer

Tim and I just got our tickets for the upcoming in Berlin. It's almost sold out now, but in case you already have a ticket let us know so we can hang out.

I'm very thrilled about the speaker lineup (Amy Hoy, Thomas Fuchs, John Resig, Dion Almaer & Ben Galbraith, Douglas Crockford, Ryan Dahl, Kevin Dangoor, Kyle Simpson, Steve Souders). It's especially exciting to see that Ryan Dahl has been selected as a speaker to talk about node.js, my new favourite OS project!

I will try my best to cover his as well as some of the other talks for the blog!

-- Felix Geisendörfer aka the_undefined


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Felix Geisendörfer said on Nov 18, 2009:

Hiding way in the back next to crockford

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