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Releasing node-mysql 2.0.0-alpha

Posted on 15/5/12 by Felix Geisendörfer

Today I am releasing an alpha version of node-mysql v2.0. If you are using v0.9.x at this point, I highly encourage you to try it out, as now is your best chance to influence the API and features of the final release.

To install the new version, do:

npm install mysql@2.0.0-alpha

Then check out the Upgrading Guide and adjust your code as needed.

After that make sure to join the new mailing list or #node-mysql IRC channel to provide any feedback you may have.

This new version comes with a few exciting improvements:

  • ~5x faster than v0.9.x for parsing query results
  • Support for pause() / resume() (for streaming rows)
  • Support for multiple statement queries
  • Support for stored procedures
  • Support for transactions
  • Support for binary columns (as blobs)
  • Consistent & well documented error handling
  • A new Connection class that has well defined semantics (unlike the old Client class).
  • Convenient escaping of objects / arrays that allows for simpler query construction
  • A significantly simpler code base
  • Many bug fixes & other small improvements (Closed 62 out of 66 GitHub issues)

I have been working on this new version for quite some time, but only now was able to complete the final work thanks to my amazing new sponsors:

For those of you interested in the future of v0.9.x:

  • There will be no v1.0 release, the way 0.9.x handles its queue and reconnect mechanism are broken and not easily fixable without breaking BC.
  • I will merge critical bug fixes that come with tests and don't break BC.
  • There will be no major changes, especially features.

Going forward, I also hope to find some time to write about:

  • The new parser and what makes v2 so fast
  • The choice of rewriting vs. refactoring (I tried both)
  • My failed first attempt for a new parser design



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William  said on Jun 09, 2012:

Hi Felix,

The Upgrading Guide link is broken.


Felix Geisendörfer said on Jun 09, 2012:

William: thanks, fixed it.

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