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May 15, 2012Releasing node-mysql 2.0.0-alpha
March 29, 2012How to write jQuery plugins
March 26, 2012Vim Workshop in Berlin (April 20)
February 22, 2012NPM - An intervention
November 18, 2011Testing node.js modules with Travis CI
September 8, 2011Private npm modules
July 26, 2011How to fork & patch npm modules
May 20, 2011Node.js Workshop in Cologne, June 10th
February 23, 2011Why are you not using a SSD yet?
February 18, 2011Talks, talks, talks
January 21, 2011Slides: Node.js in production
November 29, 2010Node.js Artikel im t3n Magazin
October 28, 2010Test driven development at Transloadit
October 8, 2010Node.js slides from @rug_b meetup last night
September 27, 2010JSConf Roundup
September 20, 2010Transloadit is now Pay as you Go
September 17, 2010node.js - Dealing with uncaught exceptions
September 1, 2010Understanding hidden classes in v8
August 20, 2010Update on the programmer productivity series
August 16, 2010Programmer Productivity: Mondays
August 14, 2010Programmer Productivity: Weekends
August 13, 2010Programmer Productivity: Measuring Results
August 12, 2010Programmer Productivity
July 13, 2010Announcing
May 31, 2010Parsing file uploads at 500 mb/s with node.js
May 18, 2010Streaming UTF-8 (with node.js)
April 29, 2010Understanding node.js
April 6, 2010Interview on the changelog
April 1, 2010Quitting open source
March 4, 2010JavaScript Meetup Hamburg + Slides
February 11, 2010Apology to the CSF and CakeDC
February 11, 2010Thank You!
February 10, 2010The High Cost of Open Source
January 30, 2010Unit testing with node.js
January 20, 2010Git Fake Submodules
January 13, 2010JavaScript Meetup Berlin + Slides
December 25, 2009CakePHP Authsome - Debuggable's Xmas Gift
December 9, 2009RightJS 1.5: 6-8 times faster than jQuery
November 24, 2009Parsing form data with node.js
November 23, 2009Simon Willson: Node.js is genuinely exciting
November 17, 2009Git remote hates you
October 21, 2009FFMPEG multiple thumbnails
October 13, 2009Burning Apple
October 6, 20097 + 8 === 7 in JavaScript
October 1, 2009Turning JavaScript's arguments object into an array
October 1, 2009Going to
September 28, 2009Streaming file uploads with node.js
September 24, 2009node.js
September 15, 2009Fixing non-atomic commits in git
September 12, 2009The open source business model
September 11, 2009Google Chrome for Mac
September 8, 2009How to Fetch the ENUM Options of a Field - The CakePHP Enumerable Behavior
August 30, 2009CakePHP Workshop in München (15-16. Oktober)
August 27, - XSS as a Cloud Service
July 22, 2009Cake 3 interview with Nate Abele
July 20, 2009XHTML died alone, the semantic web is next
July 15, 2.0
July 15, 2009Summary of CakeFest #3 - Berlin
July 6, 2009Sales Almost Closing for CakeFest#3 in Berlin!
June 25, 2009CouchDB Insert Benchmarks
June 24, 2009Final CakeFest Schedule Announced!
June 22, 2009[JOB] Senior CakePHP position with
June 9, 2009What is a Testcase - especially in CakePHP?
June 8, 2009Migrating a Database Table for use with the CakePHP Sluggable Behavior
June 4, 2009CakePHP RemoveCache Shell - Remove Your Cache Files Easily
March 25, 2009The biggest CakeFest to be held in Berlin
March 18, 2009Git alias for displaying the GitHub commit url
March 13, 2009Muscles on demand - Clean a large git repository the cloud way
March 9, 2009How to render fixed length rows of items
March 6, 2009Queues in the cloud - Debuggable PHP SQS Library
March 3, 2009Embracing the Cloud - Locating Resources
February 26, 2009How To Save Half A Second On Every CakePHP Request
February 11, 2009Are we done yet?
February 4, 2009Disable strict host checking for git clone
February 3, 2009Restarting a command line PHP script
January 29, 2009CakePHP Meetup this Friday in Berlin
January 29, 2009Donate your PHP arrays!
January 28, 2009Suppressing suppressing PHP errors with emptiness
January 28, 2009Suppressing PHP errors for fun and profit
January 23, 2009Quickly generate tons of test data
January 22, 2009Berlin CakePHP Meetup, Next Friday (Jan 30)
December 26, 2008Git Tip: Auto update working tree via post-receive hook
December 26, 2008Extra Hot: CakePHP 1.2 Stable is finally released!
December 24, 2008Merry Christmas and Positive Lookahead
December 16, 2008CakePHP conference in Chile
December 14, 2008Cleaning Html with this HtmlCleaner for CakePHP
December 14, 2008People who thought ...
December 12, 2008Cake vs Zend vs Symfony vs Igniter
December 12, 2008Your CakePHP application's Homepage
December 9, 2008CakeFest Buenos Aires 2008
December 3, 2008CakePHP Argentina
November 21, 2008How to paginate a CakePHP search over a HABTM relation without hacking the core
November 18, 2008First CakeBar meetup in Munich
November 6, 2008Buchtipp: Webentwicklung mit CakePHP
November 4, 2008Unix is love
November 2, 2008Free Screencast: Using Git on Windows + More Updates
October 27, 2008Code Insults Round 1 - Why switch blocks are dumb
October 24, 2008A New Business -
October 19, 2008Deploying with Git
October 14, 2008MacBook updates
October 9, 2008What you can do about the finance crisis
October 8, 2008Walking
September 29, 2008About Cores, Cakes and my Face ..
September 22, 2008Wildflower, a CakePHP CMS
September 19, 2008Spam in the real world
September 19, 200830 days later
September 18, 2008PHP code generator
September 17, 2008Comment feed
September 17, 2008Installing PHP5.3 via MacPorts
September 16, 2008The Linguistics of Programming
September 15, 2008Jac: Comment box name auto completer (jQuery plugin)
September 14, 2008Relative urls in JavaScript
September 13, 2008Recommended Reading
September 12, 2008XPath on PHP Arrays (Set::extract)
September 11, 2008Why UUIDs?
September 10, 2008Workshop Application (Source Code + Demo)
September 9, 2008Use the Terminal
September 8, 2008Workshop Day 2
September 7, 2008Workshop Day 1 / Missed blog post
September 5, 2008Fixturize Shell - Generate your fixtures automatically
September 4, 200830 minutes are more than you think
September 3, 2008TextExpander & Apple Mail recipient name auto insertion
September 2, 2008Datasources, Models, Components, Behaviors
September 1, 2008Akismet datasource
August 31, 2008Cloud Behavior
August 30, 2008Lookupable Behavior
August 29, 2008Normalizing CakePHP model records
August 28, 2008HDD surgery for my MacBook Pro
August 28, 2008Recent surgery
August 27, 2008Passing controller variables to your JavaScript
August 26, 2008I believe in Symmetry
August 25, 2008How to have multiple paginated widgets on the same page with CakePHP
August 25, 2008Simple Data Access Control
August 24, 2008Two CakePHP tricks
August 23, 2008Private methods - Follow Up
August 22, 2008Network & server Geek for hire
August 22, 2008Hacking the Wires
August 21, 2008I will insult your code!
August 21, 2008String substitution using UUIDs
August 20, 2008requestAction considered harmful
August 19, 2008Time to grow again (or loose money)
August 18, 2008jQuery Goodness at the Workshop in Raleigh, NC, September 6th - 7th
August 18, 2008More workers needed in the kitchen
August 11, 2008delicious usability
July 31, 2008Amazon Associates API (data source) for CakePHP
July 30, 2008Testing Models in CakePHP - Now let's get rid of the unnecessary ModelTest classes !
July 29, 2008CakePHP Workshop in Raleigh, NC (Sep 6-7)
July 29, 2008Debuggable Scraps on GitHub
July 14, 2008If you have a web company in DC, I'm doing you a huge favor
July 7, 2008Programming Psychology II: Private methods
June 30, 2008CakePHP RC2 Released!
June 24, 2008Working with databases on OSX will soon be as awesome as everything else on OSX
June 21, 2008How to bend Cake's Model::find() method to your needs
June 19, 2008How To Execute Only Specific Test Methods in CakePHP Unit Tests
June 16, 2008How to Group By in CakePHP's new release Part 2
June 12, 20083 Jobs for skilled Bakers
June 11, 2008How to do Group By conditions in Model find() calls in the CakePHP RC1
June 10, 2008Crawl Google, they do the same to you ; )
June 9, 2008Better array syntax for PHP: Here's your chance to weigh in
June 9, 2008New Header Design, Convenience Features and TAB Completion
June 4, 2008Finally - CakePHP 1.2 RC1 is out!
June 3, 2008Fine, I'll start blogging again
June 2, 2008CakePHP Code Coverage for Group Tests
June 1, 2008Unlimited Model fields - Expandable Behavior
May 30, 2008I suck and you get a chance to punish me ...
May 27, 2008Make your life easier with these five CakePHP Quicktips
May 21, 2008Is This A Design Improvement ?
May 19, 2008QuickThought: Solving the unknown problem
May 15, 2008Quickie: KISSing is for the experienced
May 13, 2008CakePHP 1.2 Stable! Come and help
May 8, 2008Running Tests from The Commandline in CakePHP
May 6, 2008Unit Testing in CakePHP Part 1 - Introduction to Unit Testing
May 3, 2008FixturesShell - Share your test data
May 1, 2008XHTML is a joke
April 27, 2008Code Coverage Analysis soon in CakePHP - Test How Well You Test
April 27, 2008Upcoming: Code Coverage in CakePHP - Test How Well You Test
April 25, 2008Programming Psychology - Return home early
April 23, 2008Migration completed
April 20, 2008Join the Wordpress funeral on Wednesday
April 17, 2008Best written programming book
April 13, 2008Wanted: UI Designer for
March 23, 2008Run intense JS without freezing the browser
March 3, 2008New router goodies
February 26, 2008With jQuery & CakePHP to World Domination (Slides)
February 24, 2008First Version of launched
February 23, 2008Mac Tip: Fixing Postfix after Time Machine restore
February 22, 2008CakeFest Orlando 2008 Summary
February 20, 2008What I Am Currently Working On
February 20, 2008PDF Version of The Unit Testing Talk Slides
February 20, 2008The Near Future
February 19, 2008Things to come
February 14, 2008Slides for my CakePHP Unit Testing Talk
February 13, 2008The First CakeFest - A Summary
January 23, - Your Time problems solved!
January 16, 2008A dirty tale from the real world ...
January 11, 2008Join us at cake fest!
January 2, 2008New CakePHP Beta
December 19, 2007PHP city needs you
December 18, 2007New Google Analytics API / DataSource!
November 14, 2007CakePHP 1.2 Manual
November 12, 2007[Job] Interested in working on a huge CakePHP project?
November 10, 2007Enforce utf8 for multiple db connections
November 9, 2007Credit card processors in Germany / Europe?
November 3, 2007CakePHP Bleeding Edge - Google Group
November 3, 2007Model::save() now returns an array!
November 2, 2007CakePHP Pluralize Helper
October 30, 2007ActiveDOM talk slides from jQueryCamp 07
October 26, 2007jQueryCamp07
October 25, 2007Sorting challenge
October 22, 2007Assert the yummyness of your cake
October 21, 2007Exceptional Cake
October 16, 2007A new adventure
September 28, 2007Wanted: Server admin for Cent OS
September 28, 2007"uhhh.......WAT?" - Introduction to the jQuery community
September 26, 2007PHP 5.2.1 was a evil release - check your server
September 24, 2007Migrating from WordPress to CakePHP
September 21, 2007Setting up Xdebug on Mac OS X (or Win32 / Linux)
August 23, 2007How To Transform HTML To Textile Markup - The CakePHP TextileHelper Revisited
August 17, 2007Vacation
August 15, 2007Composing Methods: Substitute Algorithmn
August 13, 2007False == 0, or not?
August 9, 2007How to put Combined Fields Into CakePHP's Model->generateList()
July 21, 2007Encode HTML entities with jQuery
July 17, 2007Getting serious with jQuery - Adding custom CSS selectors
July 12, 2007Quick dessert: List all controllers of a CakePHP application
July 8, 2007MacGyver menu for CakePHP - What's the active menu item?
July 6, 2007Composing Methods: Remove Assignments to Parameters
July 5, 2007CakePHP > All Others
July 2, 2007How Table Migrations In CakePHP 1.2 Can Save Your Life
July 2, 2007Composing Methods: Split Temporary Variable
July 2, 2007Composing Methods: Introduce Explaining Variable
June 30, 2007Asshole-Driven Development - Anyone?
June 29, 2007php|works in Atlanta Sep 13-14. Who's going?
June 28, 2007How To Compose Methods: The Extract Method Refactoring
June 27, 2007Simple global Ajax activity indicator with jQuery
June 26, 2007Things To Avoid In A Team-Programming Environment
June 22, 2007Besiege Empty(), Isset() & Co. With This Great Syntax Cheatsheet
June 21, 2007Try-Catch Syntax Weirdness
June 19, 2007Win All The Chicks By Sticking To Coding Standards
June 17, 2007Screencast #1: Using vendor branching and CakePHP
June 14, 2007Composing Methods: Replace Temp With Query
June 14, 2007Containable 2.0 BETA
June 12, 2007Introduction To PHP Security Vulnerabilities
June 11, 2007Composing Methods: Inline Temp
June 7, 2007How To Generate Monochromatic CSS Stylesheets Within Seconds Using PHP
June 5, 2007Parsing XML With The DOM Library
May 31, 2007How I Turned A Slow Array Sort Into A Quick One Using The Quicksort Algorithmn
May 27, 2007Is Ruby the dog and PHP the dogfood?
May 26, 2007Ten Simple Tricks That Will Make You A Valuable Colleague, Part I
May 23, 2007Control Your CSS Via PHP - Good Stuff!
May 19, 2007Principles in Refactoring
May 18, 2007My new best friend - PHP's create_function()
May 13, 2007Bringing the cold war to CakePHP 1.2 - The Containable Behavior
May 8, 2007Keystroke Counter Tool
May 4, 2007How to transform XML into SQL Statements using XSLT
May 4, 2007Making your regular expressions readable
May 3, 2007Parsing XML using SimpleXML
May 1, 2007PHP Code-Beautifier Tool
April 30, 2007Refactoring - A first example
April 29, 2007The various kinds of Design Patterns
April 28, 2007How Design Patterns solve Problems
April 27, 2007What are Design Patterns
April 26, 2007Before you refactor...
April 25, 2007Introduction to Test-Driven-Development (TDD) - Part 2
April 24, 2007Introduction to Test-Driven-Development (TDD) - Part 1
April 23, 2007Problems with repetitive source code or better: Don't repeat yourself
April 21, 2007What is refactoring?
April 21, 2007When should you start optimizing?
April 19, 2007Optimising for-loops
April 18, 2007Most probable first
April 5, 2007New fix for array junkies: Set::merge assembles yummy arrays
March 29, 2007Prototypes and how they are used
March 29, 2007Issues with error reporting
March 28, 2007Extreme Automation
March 26, 2007Ensuring uniqueness in your tables
March 25, 2007Making two form fields required to match each other
March 23, 2007Which Editor / IDE should I use?
March 21, 2007Using Profilers
March 16, 2007Naming Conventions
March 15, 2007Releasing Resources
March 15, 2007BaseUrl finding, Simple event broadcasting and element sorting in JS
March 6, 2007Simple and Complex Strings
February 27, 2007My favourite "bug"
February 26, 2007Drake :: Drupal-CakePHP 1.0.1b Released
February 24, 2007Cake 1.2's Set class eats nested arrays for breakfast!
February 21, 2007How-to: Use Html 4.01 in CakePHP 1.2
February 18, 2007Looking up foreign key values using Model::displayField
February 17, 2007Bug-fix update for SVN/FTP Deployment Task
February 12, 2007Access your config files rapidly (Win32 only)
February 3, 2007Making error handling for Model::save more beautiful in CakePHP
January 27, 2007Full content RSS feed
January 26, 2007Visual Sorting - Some Javascript fun I had last night
January 22, 2007How to properly create a Model instance manually
December 30, 2006A PHP developers guide to JavaScript - Part I
December 17, 2006Long time, no post ... where I've been hiding.
November 23, 2006How to organize your CakePHP App’s Javascript II
November 22, 2006Release early, Release often, A SVN/FTP Deployment Task
November 18, 2006Include only the JS you really need
November 16, 2006Release early, Release often, CakeTaster
November 9, 2006Should I refactor this piece of code?
November 6, 2006Handling inline links to dynamic resources
November 3, 2006Windows XP Apache PHP output problem
November 2, 2006Being trapped in programmers hell
October 27, 2006Baking in the big kitchen
October 26, 2006Modeling relationships in CakePHP (faking Rails' ThroughAssociation)
October 21, 2006Using if statements to express dependencies
October 19, 2006Title to url slug conversion
October 19, 2006My first $100 from AdSense
October 17, 2006Validating the cleaned output of HtmlHelper::dateTimeOptionTag()
October 16, 2006Command line fun in CakePHP 1.2
October 11, 2006Basic CakePHP templating skills
October 10, 2006Ant sucks for FTP deployment - What alternatives do we have?
October 10, 2006How to organize your CakePHP App's Javascript?
October 9, 2006A new design for - again
October 6, 2006What happens if you don't update your Blog regulary!
October 4, 2006The Ignorant Client vs. The Passionate Developer
October 3, 2006A lightweight approach to ACL - The 33 lines of Magic
September 29, 2006Learning from the CakePHP source code - Part II
September 25, 2006Learning from the CakePHP source code - Part I
September 25,, Open Source, Intellectual Property,
September 24, 20065 Innovative Ways Open Source Can generate Money!
September 24, 2006Make printing easy, using a PrintController
September 23, 2006Dumping AdSense
September 23, 2006Alright, I lost ...
September 21, 2006Dessert #14 - The new Xml class
September 20, 2006Dessert #13 - A simple Config Model
September 19, 2006Dessert #12 - Debugging requestAction
September 18, 2006The 48 Minutes challenge / A rush of productivity
September 18, 2006Dessert #11 - Welcome back, Friendly URL's
September 17, 2006A horrible suspicion
September 17, 2006Dessert #10 - Default Models, Components & Helpers
September 17, 2006Dessert #9 - Graceful Error Handling
September 17, 2006Dessert #8 - Render custom errors
September 16, 2006Dessert #7 - Conventions over Ego
September 16, 2006Dessert #6 - MySql & UTF-8
September 16, 2006Dessert #5 - Keep a custom configuration file
September 15, 2006Dessert #4 - Keep your Cake fresh (use SVN HEAD)
September 15, 2006Dessert #3 - Generate a random password
September 14, 2006Wordpress Update
September 14, 2006Dessert #2 - Become friends with the Inflector
September 14, 2006Dessert #1 - The 7 crucials of CRUD
September 13, 200610 Days of free Dessert! (CakePHP Tips)
September 10, 2006Test Driven Development in Real World Apps
September 6, 2006New feed for Cake News
September 6, 2006Update to the RSS feed parser Model
September 4, 2006The new ThinkingPHP
August 30, 2006Hacking a commercial airport WLAN
August 27, 2006Spam passes Akismet filters
August 24, 2006jQuery is a true prototype killer
August 24, 2006Controller testing in CakePHP
August 23, 2006New ThinkinPHP Design
August 20, 2006The future of
August 17, 2006Agility? Divide and Conquer? What?
August 15, 2006The ultimate CakePHP bootstrap technique
August 14, 2006Agile web development (with CakePHP)
August 7, 2006Workflow Automatisation
August 5, 2006A solution for e-mail sending in CakePHP
August 4, 2006CakeNews Changes
August 2, 2006Bye, bye Friendly URL's
July 18, 2006A word on Firefox
July 16, 2006Issues with output buffering in CakePHP
July 9, 2006Going to Prague
July 6, 2006Check if an action was called from within a Controller
July 5, 2006Remember the days before spam? A CakePHP Model for Akismet
July 4, 2006Handling database connection errors in CakePHP
June 29, 2006Simple ListsHelper for displaying nested ul / ol lists
June 24, 2006Welcome to the Dark Side of Plugins in CakePHP
June 22, 2006Sure, Im a webdesigner! I have Dreamweaver!
June 22, 2006How to Plugin'ize your app
June 19, 2006Google Analytics PHP Api (CakePHP Model)
June 18, 2006Spotting performance leaks in your application
June 14, 2006CakeNews Update
June 12, 2006What's your coding pace?
June 11, 2006Need to share global variables throughout your app?
June 8, 2006CakeNews - A CakePHP feed collection
June 8, 2006Question: Why should you stick to Web Standards?
June 5, 20063000 candles on the CakePHP cake
June 4, 2006Yummy CakePHP functions you should know about!
May 31, 2006CakePHP and Acl - Why is it so difficult?
May 30, 2006Update on CakePHP Google Analytics API/Model
May 28, 2006A miracle called gzip
May 28, 2006How about a WebModel?
May 17, 2006URL Aliases for CakePHP
May 7, 2006Using REST Api’s as Models in CakePHP / A Google Calendar example
May 7, 2006Need visitors? Go
May 6, 2006Spam Attack
May 5, 2006AdSense on
May 4, 2006Using CakePHP in external PHP Systems (CMS's, Weblogs, etc.)
May 2, 2006CakePHP goes 1.0!
April 29, 2006timeDiffInWords - a function to keep handy
April 27, 2006An Ajax file upload progressbar
March 28, 2006SpliceIt! - Documentation Alpha available!
March 22, 2006Textile - A personal love of mine
March 18, 2006Problems with base Path in Layouts when using Plugins
March 10, 2006Hacking everything (the good way)
February 9, 2006Reusing Views for CRUD
February 7, 2006Validation Time - again
February 1, 2006Best Practises: Bug Fixing without Core Hacking
January 28, 2006gwoo starts the first CakePHP based blog
January 27, 2006Starting a CakePHP community website / Website Framework
January 27, 2006Validating fields with custom validateField() functions
January 25, 2006Drake (Drupal + CakePHP) is making progress
January 12, 2006Using generateFields() + Fix fields of the type 'date'
January 8, 2006Toggling Associations in CakePHP Models
January 8, 2006Tagging stuff in the Real World
January 7, 2006Thinking ... What?