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JavaScript Meetup Hamburg + Slides

Posted on 4/3/10 by Felix Geisendörfer

Update: Andy Wenk posted a very nice summary of the event.

Last night Tim and I took a little road trip to Hamburg. I had no idea the Reeperbahn looked like Las Vegas : ).

Anyway, our actual destination was the first Hamburg JS meetup where Malte Ubl invited me to speak about node.js. The turnout was fantastic, and thanks to SinnerSchrader's hosting of the event, there was plenty of pizza, beer and an absolutely fantastic location.

I've also updated my previous node.js talk, all the examples should now be 0.1.30+ compatible, and the section about "The Future" of node has a more recent and interesting list of things that are on the radar:

You can also download the slides as PDF (164 kb).



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