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Wordpress Update

Posted on 14/9/06 by Felix Geisendörfer

Deprecated post

The authors of this post have marked it as deprecated. This means the information displayed is most likely outdated, inaccurate, boring or a combination of all three.

Policy: We never delete deprecated posts, but they are not listed in our categories or show up in the search anymore.

Comments: You can continue to leave comments on this post, but please consult Google or our search first if you want to get an answer ; ).

Update: The Update took only 15 minutes and I didn't experience any problems with it. So in case you don't notice anything broken from now on, this should be a good reason for staying up to date on wordpress version from now on a little more ; ).

Tomorrow morning I'll finally do a wordpress update on this blog. The reason for it is that it'll definitly take me at least a couple more weeks to finish the new ThinkingPHP and meanwhile I would like to enjoy the comfort of not running a blog software with known security issues and bugs.

The update will happen tomorrow between 05:30am and 07:00am GMT+1 (that's 11:30pm-01:00am east cost time in the USA).

In that time I'll take down the site completly and hopefuly there won't be any problems. I appoligize for any inconveniences this might creates for you.

--Felix Geisendörfer aka the_undefined


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